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Loading 3*40HQ Newest Soft Baby Diapers[ 10-28 13:51 ]
It was a good news that we loading 3*40HQ container of AA+ series baby diapers this week. Those Hipi Bebe Life diaper is more popular in the Africa market. Here we have 3 kinds of packages, Mini, Midi, Max packages.
Special Offer of Our BonAmis Brand Baby Diapers[ 05-09 10:53 ]
It's very glad that our famous brand "BonAmis" baby diaper is on sale now. Its competitive price is very attractive.With pretty and clear outer packing, it's very well received in African and South East market.
Happy New Year 2017[ 12-30 18:45 ]
Much joy to your New Year Holidays 2017. May the warmest wishes, happy thoughtsand friendly greetings at New Year and stay with you all the year through. Thanks for your support and hope we can establish good business relationship with each other in near soon.
NAFDAC Officials visited our factory[ 10-21 10:43 ]
Good news. Good News. Nigerian nafdac officials visited our factory. If Nigerian Customers who want to do NAFDAC Documents, it is more easier and quicker than before. This is not only a good news for us, but also a favorable advantage for Nigerian customers.
How to buy the best quality adult diapers[ 07-30 14:25 ]
Currently, the market appeared many necessities of life for the elderly elderly supplies, adult diapers is one of the products in which many older people are more concerned about, but how to buy the best quality adult diapers?
Stock Cleaning 40HQ "Easy Love" baby diaper[ 07-15 10:57 ]
Here we are having a good news, 1*40' HQ "Easy Love" baby diaper Stock we have in our warehouse. Now we want to Cleaning it with unbelievable price to customers. Good price, Good time, it is your good choose.
Five ways to use sanitary napkin[ 05-24 14:56 ]
Each female friends surely no stranger to the napkin, on health issues, women's health from the perspective of today tell us something about how the prudent use and storage of sanitary napkins.
Teach new mothers to change baby diaper[ 04-19 14:54 ]
For new mothers, there are many skills of changing diapers for their children. Here we will teach you how to change diaper for your baby:
How to Help Your Baby Sleep Well?[ 04-15 15:29 ]
Newborns have a hard time telling the difference between night and day, which explains their maddeningly short bursts of sleep around the clock. Following are four advises for your baby figuring out that nighttime is for sleeping and help them sleep well.
Hey Baby, Clap, Clap Your Hands[ 04-15 15:18 ]
When your baby discovers she can spontaneously bring her hands together to touch each other. But even before she masters this skill, clapping games give her a thrill. What’s more, they provide a chance to interact with you face-to-face and to try to mimic your actions.
Let’s Play! My Photo Album[ 04-15 14:57 ]
Recognizing familiar faces is an enormous treat for your baby as he learns to identify people by name and association.
New Promotion of Our Easy Love Brand Baby Diapers[ 04-05 10:39 ]
There is a good news that we are working out a promotion of famous brand Easy Love Baby Diapers owning to purchasing and producing a large number of raw materials and diaper packing bags not long ago.
How to stop children’ bedwetting?[ 03-17 18:06 ]
Developing bladder control that lasts through the night doesn’t happen on a defined schedule,and many children can take longer than their peers to stop wetting the bed. The key is to set children up for success to help reduce the chance of bedwetting.
How to stop bedwetting in teenagers and adults?[ 03-17 18:01 ]
Developing bladder control that lasts through the night doesn’t happen on a defined schedule. However, some factors would irritate the bladder and increase the chance of bedwetting. Bedwetting isn’t a problem that only children face.
How to use a disposable underpad?[ 03-14 17:47 ]
Well, although most people say they miss them because of emotional stress. But when people see that they are missing quite a bit and urine keeps slipping through onto the surface, they will find that underpads are needed.
How to handle potty-training accidents?[ 02-27 15:31 ]
No matter how frustrating they may be, accidents are best handled as matter of factly as possible. Calmly help you child out of his wet clothes and into dry ones. If he wets the bed at night, clean him up and change the sheets, then put him back to bed.
When should parents switch from diapers to training pants or underwear?[ 02-27 15:25 ]
Generally speaking, training pants diaper is very convenient, baby can wear off freely with the help of their parents. Mothers and fathers do not need to spend much time on changing the diapers.
Colorful Chinese Spring Festival[ 02-23 18:24 ]
The Chinese Spring Festival is the lunar suisou, another name for the Spring Festival is Chinese New Year. It’s China’s biggest, most popular and important ancient traditional festival, also is Chinese unique holiday as well as the most concentrated expression of the Chinese civilization.
How disposable diapers are made?[ 01-27 16:04 ]
A disposable diaper consists of an absorbent pad sandwiched between two sheets of nonwoven fabric. The pad which contains absorbent SAP and fluff pulp, is specially designed to absorb and retain baby’s urine, and the nonwoven fabric gives the diaper a comfortable shape and helps prevent leakage.
How do ultra-thin baby diapers work[ 01-23 17:45 ]
In the early 1970s, super absorbent polymer was used commercially for the first time-not for soil applications as originally intended-but for disposable hygienic products. The first product markets were feminine sanitary napkins and adult incontinence products.
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